Marc Gafarot Monjó, Abel Riu, and Miquel Vila Moreno join CAPESIC

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Marc Gafarot Monjó, Abel Riu, and Miquel Vila Moreno join CAPESIC

Marc Gafarot Monjó, Abel Riu, and Miquel Vila Moreno join CAPESIC

Xavier Servitja Roca Asia, Catalonia, Europe, Russia and Central Asia 02/02/2018 Comments

CAPESIC is delighted to announce that Marc Gafarot Monjó (L), Abel Riu (C), and Miquel Vila Moreno (R) have joined us as an analysts:

  • Marc Gafarot Monjó joins CAPESIC as an analyst for Catalonia, European Union Affairs, Independentist Movements and Nationalism.

Marc Gafarot Monjó holds a Master’s degree in European Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2000) and a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies from Liverpool University (1999). Before, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Humanistic Studies and Politics from Navarra University (1998). Prior to join CAPESIC, Marc was an analyst for CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs), head of international relations at Fundació CATmón, and an European Parliament’s advisor for six years. He specializes in Catalan and European affairs, as well as independentists movements and nationalism. Among others, Marc is coauthor of “Política de Defensa i Estat Propi”. Contact: marc.gafarot@capesic.cat / Twitter: @MarcGafarot

  • Abel Riu joins us as an analyst for Eastern Europe, Russia and the Caucasus.

Abel Riu holds a Master’s degree in Politics and International Studies, specialized in Eurasian Studies, from Uppsala University (2013) in Sweden, with a dissertation on Russian Security and Foreign Policy between 2000 and 2013. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from University of Barcelona (2010). Before joining CAPESIC, Abel was a Public Affairs Officer for the Baltic states at the Delegation of the Catalan Government in Poland. Prior to that, he was a research intern at International IDEA in Stockholm (Sweden), and at the Spanish Consulate in Guangzhou (China). Besides, Abel has been working as a contributor for Centre Delàs d’Estudis per la Pau since 2014. His research and analysis focuses on the Caucasian region, and Eastern Europe and Russian Affairs. Contact: abel.riu@capesic.cat / Twitter: @abel_riu

  • Finally, Miquel Vila Moreno has joined CAPESIC since October 2017 as an analyst for China and Geopolitics.

Miquel Vila Moreno is currently studying a Master’s degree in Chinese Studies at Pompeu Fabra University. Prior to this, he earned a Master’s degree in International Security by Groningen University (2017) and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2015). Miquel specializes in the Geopolitics of China. He is fluent in English and is learning German and Chinese languages. Contact: miquel.vila@capesic.cat / twitter: @nomos46

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