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Donate to CAPESIC

The Centre for the Analysis of Foreign Policy and International Security of Catalonia (CAPESIC in its acronyms in Catalan) is an independent and non-partisan think tank in the field of International Relations (foreign policy, geopolitics, international and security affairs) based in Barcelona, Catalonia. CAPESIC is a registered association No. 64577 in Catalonia.

If you make a donation to CAPESIC, you can support us in the development of our activities (publications, events, podcasts…) and in the maintenance of CAPESIC office at Carrer Llull, 321 – 08019 Barcelona (CINC Building).

Here you have the CAPESIC account number where you can transfer or deposit your contribution from 5 € onwards and help our think tank to achieve its aims:

IBAN: ES7121003950080200073815

Please, note that your donation to CAPESIC cannot currently benefit from tax deductions according to Spanish tax treatment of donations.

If you have any question regarding the procedure to donate, do not hesitate to contact to CAPESIC: capesic@capesic.cat

Thank you for your support.