The Centre for the Analysis of Foreign Policy and International Security of CataloniaCAPESIC – is an independent and non-partisan think tank in the field of International Relations based in Barcelona. CAPESIC is a registered association No. 64577 in Catalonia.

CAPESIC is orientated to provide in-depth analysis and reports on foreign policy, defence, and international and security affairs to policymakers, members and committees of the Catalan Parliament, the Catalan government, and organisations that take political decisions in these fields in Catalonia and abroad. CAPESIC is also focused on the analysis and assessment of the Catalan foreign policy and Catalonia global projection.

Besides, CAPESIC wants to provide a new voice in the field of International Relations, to strengthen the area of international security in Catalonia, to promote studies and analysis on foreign policy, defence, international and security affairs in Catalan language, and to support Catalan analysts and researchers in these fields.

CAPESIC staff is composed of analysts, researchers and a network of contributors of various nationalities who are experts on topics and regions of interest for Catalonia, its policymakers, nationals and residents.

CAPESIC think tank name (369.259), logo and publications are protected by the Spanish Trademark Act 17/2001.

CAPESIC – Centre d’Anàlisi en Política Exterior i Seguretat Internacional de Catalunya

Carrer Llull, 321 (Edifici CINC)

08019 – Barcelona

E-mail: capesic@capesic.cat

Twitter: @CAPESIC_cat


Istituto di Alti Studi in Geopolitica e Scienze Ausiliarie (IsAG)

IISAG1sAG was founded in 2010 as an institution focused on geopolitics, strategic studies, and the analysis of Italian foreign policy. In 2013, it was recognised as an international actor and think tank by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. As such, the institute seeks to promote public diplomacy between Italy and other states.

IsAG’s activities include publishing the biannual academic journal Geopolitica. Furthermore, it cooperates with several Italian universities and is involved in the organisation of a master’s degree in Geopolitics and Global Security offered by Sapienza University of Rome.

Web: https://www.isagitalia.org/

Twitter: @IstitutoIsAG

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